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Welcome Message

Dr Fareed Kagda


Singapore Orthopaedic Association

Dear esteemed colleagues, fellow orthopaedic professionals, nurses and Allied Health professionals,


It is my honour to invite you to join us at the Singapore Orthopaedic Association 46th Annual Scientific Meeting. Our theme of “Healing with Humanity” resonates deeply as we navigate the challenges of our profession with compassion, innovation, and a commitment to improving the lives of those we treat.

Key Highlights

1. Trauma Focus

This year, the spotlight falls on advances in trauma management, recognizing the critical role orthopaedic surgeons play in restoring function, alleviating suffering and managing the sequelae of accidents, falls, and injuries. From fracture fixation or joint replacements for periarticular fractures to rehabilitation, we delve into the latest developments and best practices.


2. Humanitarian Missions

In the spirit of healing with humanity, we have dedicated sessions to humanitarian efforts. We honour those who toil tirelessly in underserved regions, providing orthopaedic care to communities in need. Their selflessness inspires us all.


3. Cutting-edge Research

Explore groundbreaking research that drives our field forward. From biomechanics to regenerative medicine, our speakers will share insights that shape the future of orthopaedics.


4. Nursing and Physiotherapy Tracks

Recognizing the integral role that nurses and physiotherapists play in multidisciplinary care, we’ve curated specialized sessions tailored to their expertise. Join us as we explore interdisciplinary collaboration and patient-centred care.


5. Paediatric Orthopaedic Trauma

Our youngest patients deserve the best care. Sessions dedicated to paediatric orthopaedic trauma will cover growth-related conditions, congenital anomalies, and innovative approaches to paediatric musculoskeletal health.


6. Workshops

Don’t miss our interactive workshops:

  • Paediatric Trauma: Hands-on sessions addressing fractures, dislocations, and growth plate injuries in children.

  • Ring Fixators: Learn about circular external fixation techniques for complex cases.

  • Pelvic Trauma: Explore management strategies for pelvic fractures and associated injuries.

  • 3D Printing: Latest in 3D printing initiatives for orthopaedic surgery for planning, 


Join Us

Let us come together, not only as professionals but as compassionate healers. Your active participation will enrich our collective knowledge and contribute to the well-being of our patients.


Thank you for being part of this remarkable event. We look forward to engaging discussions, meaningful connections, and a shared commitment to healing with humanity.


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